Instagram Reels can make you a social media star, learn how

Want to create an Instagram reel! Find out how to do it

All of us are now completely dependent on social media for entertainment, be it Facebook or Instagram or YouTube we spend a large part of the day on social media platforms. Many of us are also fans of Instagram Reel. Not only do netizens share their photos and stories, but they are equally enthusiastic about creating reels. This new feature of Instagram started from August 2020.

This Reels app creates short entertaining videos. According to information provided by the social networking platform, this feature of Reels allows you to record and edit short videos of up to 60 seconds on the Instagram camera. Even Instagram relays can use different effects and atmospheres.

Those who create reels share them with their followers after creating the reels. Videos shared by those who have their Instagram account specifically set to public mode reach a larger audience through the Explore section.

But for those who don’t know much about these reels, let’s take a look at how to record them

Step-1 –
First we need to open the Instagram app on our smartphone and click on the Create New option at the top or swipe right anywhere on the feed.

Step-2 –
Scroll down the relay

Step-3 –
Press the record relay to record a clip and press again to end the clip. Also tap on the camera roll on the bottom left to bring up a video relay from the camera roll.

Step-4 –
Tap on the ‘Previous’ option to view or trim the previously recorded clip.

Step-5 –
Click Next (Android) or Preview (iPhone) option to add relay stickers, drawings and text or download them to the device.

Step-6 – Press on cover to change your cover photo or add caption to it To share the reel in the story, press on the story.

Step-7 –
Press next option and then share

How to delete a reel

1. Click on the profile or profile picture on the right below the profile

2. Please press relay below profile info

3. Press on the reel to be deleted

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