It is important for you to know the benefits of onion juice

Onion is a vegetable that is not only available all year round but is also widely used in food. It not only enhances the taste of food but also makes many dishes. It is a very healthy vegetable. It contains many ingredients which help in the treatment of various ailments. Its juice also contains properties that are considered important for skin and hair health. Use it like this for skin and hair and then see the effect.

For the skin
Onion juice is considered to be the best for many skin problems and keeping it healthy, it is very useful for removing facial scars and enhancing its radiance. Onion juice is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. They are found in large quantities which are very useful for the skin. Here is how to use onion juice on the skin to keep it healthy.

To brighten the complexion
If your face has lost its freshness, don’t lose heart, put an onion in a blender and blend it, then filter it with a cloth and extract its juice, now apply it on your face and wash your face after 20 minutes. Use it daily. It will clear acne and ink on the skin and brighten the complexion, as well as remove wrinkles.

For acne
Acne and pimples are common nowadays due to increasing pollution. Regular use of onion juice is an easy solution to this problem as it contains a lot of flavonoids and antioxidants. Add olive oil and apply it on the face. After ten minutes, wash off with cold water.

For skin glow
Onion juice is a natural cleanser, it helps to remove dirt from the skin. You can also use it as a toner or mask. And take half a teaspoon, mix these three ingredients well and apply on the skin, wash your face after 20 minutes, make sure to use it once a week, you will notice a clear difference in a few days.

For flawless skin
Acne and sunburn can cause blemishes on the skin. Onions contain vitamin C, also known as a skin-friendly vitamin. Massage with light hands. In a few days, the spots will disappear.

For clear skin
Onion cleanses the blood so that the skin color looks clear and radiant. Apply it on the face and wash off after 15 minutes. The skin color will be clear.

For hair
Onion juice is extremely useful for hair because it contains a certain amount of sulfur. It is essential for the production of various enzymes and proteins. Hair is made of keratin and the main component of keratin is sulfur. Onion juice is considered to be the best for hair growth.

For onion juice, take two medium sized onions, blend them in a blender and squeeze the juice out of a sieve with a cloth. In some people, applying onion juice directly to the scalp may cause itching or burning Should be used with any oil or aloe vera gel. This will not only increase its effectiveness but will also protect the scalp from irritating and itchy conditions. A few drops can be added so that the best odorless mixture will be prepared. Learn some amazing masks for hair growth.

Onion and honey
Mix two teaspoons of onion juice and one teaspoon of honey and apply it on the hair. After 20 minutes, wash it off with a less chemical shampoo. If so, you will get rid of it too.

Onion and castor oil
Take out an onion juice and add the same amount of castor oil and mix it well. Now apply it on the scalp and wash it off after one hour, use this mask two to three times a week. This will make the hair grow faster. If you do not want to use castor oil, you can use coconut oil instead.

Onions and aloe vera
Take out an onion juice and add aloe vera gel to it, and a few drops of olive oil can be added if desired. Mix all these ingredients well. Apply it on the hair. Use it two to three times a week. It will enhance the natural shine of the hair as it grows.

Onion and ginger
Take out the juice of one onion and add the same amount of ginger juice in it and apply it on the scalp and massage it in the form of circles, after one hour wash it with shampoo with less chemical, use it every other day of the week This will improve the blood flow to the scalp and increase hair growth.

Onions and eggs
Mix one tablespoon of onion juice and one egg and make a good paste. Apply it on the scalp and after 20 to 30 minutes apply shampoo and wash with cold water. Use it once or twice a week if it smells bad. If you find it unpleasant, you can add a few drops of some fragrant oil in it. The egg in this mask will provide the necessary nutrition to the hair while onion juice will play an important role in enhancing it.

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