Kareena Kapoor very old photo: Karina in blue ribbon-school uniform, she was like that 25 years ago! Judge by looking at the pictures

Kareena Kapoor Khan (Kareena Kapoor Khan) Any Bengali who sees this picture will sing Nachiketa’s famous song, white ribbon white socks school uniform. But here instead of red blue ribbon!
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* The matter of Kapoor dynasty is different Raj Kapoor’s contribution to Bollywood and the country’s film history is many Raj 7 has taught Bollywood to be bold His family has maintained that trend From boys to grandchildren, everyone is working for the entertainment of the people Currently, the third generation of Kapoor family, Kareena, Karisma, Ranbir are stepping into the Bollywood film industry. Among Raj Kapoor’s grandchildren, Kareena’s work is the most eye-catching Because she has been working in the role of first line heroine for almost 20 years

* I do not blow away the age is still equally attractive The mother of two sons, Kareena’s sex appeal has caught the attention of today’s youth He came to West Bengal a few days ago, in the shooting of the film His youngest son Jahangir was with him Everyone was desperate to get a glimpse of Kareena during the shooting However, even though she didn’t see it that way, Kareena herself shared a picture of her school life
* Looking at this picture, any Bengali can sing Nachiketa’s famous song, white ribbon white socks school uniform! School Girl Karina, 1997 The heroine picked up the picture from the page of memory about 26 years ago Absolutely quiet, the impression of simplicity on the face In front of the future life handcuffs!
* Who knew when she saw this girl in school dress that she would be one of the best heroine of Hindi movie, she would win the hearts of millions of people, she would be Nawab’s wife and mother of two sweet children! Karina has shared this picture with everyone “Our job is very fun,” he wrote Lots of places, lots of people

* Picture 7 of Kareena’s School Whalem Girls visiting Rajasthan The friend who was with him at that time, that friend’s body has changed a lot now Two teenagers of that day, now a young woman The two posted pictures together Many fans have commented a lot after seeing the pictures of Kareena’s school Didi Karisma also wrote, very beautiful Lolo, who has a very sweet relationship with sister Bebo, is charismatic They love to spend a lot of time together He also shared that picture Looking at the old picture of the sister, it seems that Didi has also become a little nostalgic
* Now Kareena is shooting for Sujoy Ghosh’s film The Devotion of Suspect X. His picture Lal Singh Chadda 6 is awaiting release He is opposite Aamir Khan in the film

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