LifeStyle: Want to get naturally glowing skin? Rely on these five Ayurvedic tips!

LifeStyle: Want to get naturally glowing skin? Rely on these five Ayurvedic tips!

Ayurveda treats from within, gradually solving the root cause of the problem.

Many cosmetics have been used in the market, but the results are not satisfactory? This is because the temporary application of cosmetics is short-lived and for some of us it also causes side effects. This is where Ayurveda comes in handy, why not take the path of natural healing where the therapies are based on our three physical defects, namely- arthritis, bile and phlegm. Its benefits and results are not seen overnight because Ayurveda treats from within, solving the root cause of the problem slowly.

An ayurvedic skincare begins with understanding the skin.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: If dry skin has a texture that creates wrinkles.

Bile defects: Oily skin type that is prone to breakout.

Cough defects: This results in oily and dull skin, including cystic bronchitis, pores and blackheads.

The second step is to use ‘herbal’ herbs to enhance the radiance of the skin.Read more: Lifestyle: Fatty Liver Problems? Tell the smell of breath!

Yellow for all day brightness
Yellow balances the three faults. Adding any essential oil to turmeric powder can be used to remove tan, remove brown spots and brighten skin. The antioxidants present in them also eliminate the initial symptoms of aging and dull

skin.Sandalwood and yogurt mask for oil control
Sandalwood powder mixed with yogurt controls bile and phlegm. It moisturizes the skin by opening pores and regulates the secretion of sebum which is responsible for causing brown, breakout.Read more: Viral Mother In Law: “I am your servant, you are my master

Neem to kill bacteria
The antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties of neem purify the skin and brighten the skin. Drinking neem water, using neem oil to remove brown spots and blemishes, using homemade neem soap or scrub while bathing to get rid of body acne is good for the skin.Aloe vera to keep skin moist

Aloe vera or aloe vera treats sunburn, smoothes the skin and fights the symptoms of premature aging. Make aloe vera a part of your daily skincare routine to get radiant skin.Chamomile and multani soil for oily skin

Chamomile fights brown and multani mud regulates oil secretion by tightening the skin. Sift half a cup of chamomile tea without sugar and mix it with 3 teaspoons of multani soil and apply the face pack for 5-10 minutes.

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