Lower back pain: If you do this exercise.. you will not get back pain at all..

Lower Back Pain: The number of people suffering from back pain is increasing these days. This problem is especially common among those who work sitting for long periods of time. Learn what exercises can check this problem.

Nowadays, the number of people suffering from back pain is increasing. This problem is especially common among those who work sitting for long periods of time. At times, the physical pain caused by back pain can seriously harass a person. However, fitness experts say that you don’t need to break a sweat to get relief from this pain. It is suggested that you can get complete relief from lower back pain if you do regular small exercises. Fitness expert Namrata Purohit has given four important suggestions to get rid of lower back pain. Let’s find out.

* Plank

Lower back pain problem starts due to not sitting in proper posture for long time. That’s why you should try to sit straight. However, it takes enough practice to sit like this. The ‘plank’ is a major weapon in relieving lower back pain. Doing the plank strengthens the spine. Several studies have shown that the plank plays a key role in reducing lower back pain.

* Muscle strengthening

The abdominal muscles are attached to the spinal cord. So these should be kept as active as possible. means moving the legs forward or backward; Exercising while lying down with the knees close together can reduce the burden on the back pain. Try to raise your hands straight above your head. Doing this will help stabilize the abdominal muscles as well as the spinal cord.

* Moving the hips

Hip exercise is also important for spinal cord health. Keeping the hip stiff can be beneficial. For this, lying down and bringing the left and right knees close to the body and then stretching them apart will help strengthen the hip. This will reduce the problem of back pain.

* Raising the waist

This exercise further helps to prevent back pain. The gluteal muscles help stabilize the pelvis. If these muscles are weak, cheating will occur first. Severe pressure on the spinal cord. Thus the lower back pain gets worse. To avoid this, you have to do this exercise. Lie on the floor and try to lift the lower part of the waist. Keep the feet down during this process. After raising the waist like this, bringing it back to normal position stabilizes the pelvis.

If these small exercises do not solve your problem then you should definitely consult the concerned doctor. Treatment should be taken according to the severity of the problem.

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