‘Make in India’ laptops are our motto – the Asus India initiative

Asus laptop

Asus has announced that it will now manufacture laptops in India and will operate as a component of Mac in India.

Although foreign products can easily be sourced anywhere in India, efforts to promote Make in India products are ongoing to grow the Indian economy. Asus already has a hold on the laptop market in India, in a recent interview with News18, it said that it will now manufacture laptops in India and will be a part of Mac in India.

Already in India many companies such as HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell are competing in the market and now Xiaomi and Realme have joined this competition. While many people prefer only three brands, HP, Lenovo and Dell, Asus laptops have a huge customer base that cannot be ignored.

Arnold Xu, Head of Consumer Computers, Asus India, said the following about how Asus is going to contribute to India’s ‘Make in India’ program and provide Indian products.

Sales of laptops have declined over the past few years, especially after the Covid outbreak. Instead, sales of mobiles have increased. Personal computers are now needed only for work and creations. For all other applications mobile devices are sufficient. Apart from that, Asus has been focusing on gaming for many years. He also said that as the demand for gaming laptop is increasing, they are going to focus more on it.

Asus is planning products to offer both these features in a single laptop. With high-performance laptops that come with gaming features, both the needs of the customers are met.

Asus is a growing brand in India. Hence, the company has said that it is focusing more on ready supply of units to those who need them. Apart from that, Asus has also said that it will absorb all the feedback received from the consumers about the expectations, needs, and produce accordingly.

Despite the demand for laptops, there are very few buyers of high-end laptops. But Asus launched premium products few months ago. Like Apple’s Mac computer, they cost a minimum of ₹1,00,000. Premium laptops are sold more in India than in Europe and America.

So even though the price is high and many people think of buying laptops for such a price, Asus said that when laptops are introduced with various features including advanced technology, premium services, dual screen, etc., Indians show interest in buying it.

Apart from that, they also said that India is the third largest parcel computer market in the world. All of these rising demands and consumer preferences are in favor of Asus, which is said to be aiming to manufacture products in India.

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