Mandira Bedi || Who says age 50! Whip-like figure, temples envy the ‘fashion sense’ of the altar …

Mandira Bedi Turns 50: Actress, fashion designer, television presenter Mandira Bedi turns 50 today.
* Today is the 50th birthday of Mandira Bedi, an actress, fashion designer and television presenter. (Image: Instagram)

* He has worked with Dapat for many years in the profession which is closely associated with the dominance of men. He took his place in the ICC Cricket World Cup with a bang. (Image: Instagram)

* Mandira Bedi has played a negative role in Hindi mega series. One of them is the popular serial ‘Ki Ki Shash V Kavi Bahu Thi’. (Image: Instagram)

* Mandira Bedi married director Raj Kushal. Raj Kushal died of a heart attack in 2021. They have two children, son Bir and daughter Tara. They were adopted by Mandira Bedi and Raj Kushal in 2013. (Image: Instagram)

* Enchanting temples altar in red sari. Sleeveless blouses and gold jewelry have enhanced her beauty a few more times. (Image: Instagram)


* Stripe Twist Top, Blue Denim Temples Altar. (Image: Instagram)

* Mandira Bedi in red sleeveless blouse with sari with black floral print. (Image: Instagram)
* Halterneck blouse with sea green transparent sari. The temples altar Ananya with heavy ornaments. (Image: Instagram)

9/11 _ _

* Temple altar in printed pantsuit. (Image: Instagram)

10/11 _ _

* Casual attire at the temple altar in Konark, Odisha. (Image: Instagram)

11/11 _ _

* Actress Mandira Bedi in one frame with mother and children. (Image: Instagram)

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