Muscle spasms are causing pain upon waking up in the morning. Its easy and cheap home remedy is now within your reach

Muscle spasms are causing pain upon waking up in the morning. Its easy and cheap home remedy is now within your reach

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you feel pain and tension in your neck, shoulders and other muscles, this pain in your shoulders makes you anxious and stressed. Often times it gets so bad that you are in pain for the whole day. Doing something seems like a hassle. If you go to the doctors for this, they will give you a handful of medicines, but this is not a permanent treatment for this pain and suffering, but it is a temporary treatment. Therefore, there is a need to find a treatment that is easy to do at home and cheap so that everyone can adopt it. Today we bring you a cheap and indigenous remedy for this pain so that everyone can benefit from it. This tension or strain can also be caused by over-exercise, over-exertion, and injury while playing.

1. Uses of Ginger:
Everyone knows about the medicinal properties of ginger that it is helpful in treating numerous ailments and diseases. It is useful in reducing swelling, pain, inflammation. If you also have muscle spasms or pain, take a piece of ginger and boil it in water and add honey to this water and drink it twice a day, it will relieve your pain.

2. Basil leaves:
Basil leaves are also easily available at any grocery store. It is also very useful in stress and tension. It is also anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Make a paste of basil leaves and mix it with mustard oil and apply it on the affected area. This is the best medicine. If the pain is severe, apply it on the affected area two to three times a day.

3. Sea Salt:
Sea salt is very beneficial. Its use relaxes the body, if it is bathed in warm water, all the tiredness of the body is removed. The magnesium present in it relaxes the muscles. It also reduces pain. And relaxes the muscles.

4. Benefits of Turmeric:
Turmeric is also antiseptic, antibacterial and its use in internal injuries and ailments is considered very beneficial. Curcumin, an antioxidant present in turmeric, helps relieve pain. Turmeric treatment is very popular in indigenous medicine. Drinking turmeric mixed with milk also cures internal injuries or ailments. Massaging mustard oil with turmeric reduces the itching.

5. Mustard Oil Massage:
Mustard oil also has properties that are very effective in relieving muscle spasms and pain. It removes muscle stiffness, relaxes muscles, if you add garlic and two or three cloves to mustard oil and heat it and massage it on the affected area, it reduces the pain a lot.

This is a general informative article, if the pain is severe consult a doctor or take this remedy after consulting your doctor.

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