Negative Social Relationships Cause Depression in Women, Research

Negative Social Relationships Cause Depression in Women, Research

Recent research has revealed that women and men are affected differently by depression, which is mainly due to negative social relationships, while previous research has shown that women are more depressed than men. They are under pressure.

According to American researcher Alexia Williams, research on mice has revealed that negative social relationships are the cause of genetic changes in female mice, which affect expression patterns and lead to depression. are

According to media reports, researchers have tried to find out whether a part of the brain called the ‘nucleus accumbens’, which plays an important role in motivation and response to positive or negative experiences, is activated during stress or depression. How and how much is affected.

Determining the cause of depression can lead to effective treatment, researchers say.

According to Alexia Williams, the hope is that studies like these, which focus on how to explain the specific symptoms of complex mental illnesses, will bring science one step closer to effective treatment of affected patients.

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