Netflix Will Lose 25% of Subscribers Soon – Report!


Netflix |Netflix may soon lose 25% of its subscribers, according to a recent report.11

Netflix, the world’s leading OTT platform, has been struggling a bit lately. Netflix has not been able to gain a foothold in countries like India due to its higher subscription fees than other OTT platforms. Already, there have been several reports of layoffs and increase in subscription fees. In this case, Netflix could soon lose 25% of its subscribers, according to a recent report.

Netflix OTT platform has millions of subscribers. This year, the Netflix platform continues to broadcast many popular series and movies. While on the surface Netflix has been offering long-time customers the movies and series they love, Netflix has struggled to actually grow its subscribers.

Netflix has reportedly lost nearly 1.2 million customers in the first quarter of this year, from January to March. In a report released on the same, the study says how streaming habits are shaping up this year.

More than a thousand Americans participated in this study. It states that on average, a person subscribes to four sites and chooses the site that has the option to cancel the subscription whenever they want. Most of them expressed their unwillingness to subscribe to an expensive OTT platform.

Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčexpensive in India, so many people don’t subscribe. But the situation is the same in America. Netflix’s average subscription price is high compared to other streaming services in the US.

It is becoming the most popular OTT platform not only in America but also in the whole world. Notably, four out of five people have a Netflix subscription. It’s also important to note that 70 percent of subscribers actually use Netflix, meaning they enjoy watching movies and web series on Netflix.

Despite its popularity, many Netflix customers want to cancel their subscriptions. The main reason for this is said to be the cost of the Netflix subscription.

A third of people say they don’t want to use Netflix because it doesn’t have the series, series, or movies they want. This will indeed be a huge challenge for Netflix. Let’s see how Netflix executes its plan to lower prices and add services that customers want.

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