No Gangster.. Monster Coming Again – Yamaha RX100 Returns

Yamaha RX100 : Although Yamaha has marketed many innovative bikes, RX100. The fascination with the 100 vehicle has not waned
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The Yamaha RX was the dream vehicle of 80s kids. The 100 bike is all set to hit the market with a new facelift. In the 1980s, when having a bicycle at home was a big deal, bikes were seen as a symbol of the rich. Among them, the motorcycles that many rich people considered proud were the Royal Elfield Bullet and the Rajdooth… Yamaha’s RX was launched to compete with Ind Suzuki, Honda CD 100, Kawasaki KP 100 bikes that were sold with them. 100..
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The RX100 model has played a huge role in making Japan’s Yamaha a deep foothold in India. In the initial period, Yamaha imported spare parts and assembled them in India and sold the RX100 model..Seeing the response of this model among Indians, the company set up a factory here and started production.
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Original Yamaha RX 98 cc, 11 hp in the 100 model. The main highlights are the powerful 2 stroke engine. Although the mileage is only 40 km, the super fast speed and the ear-splitting sound are the main reasons for the attraction of the youth of that time. Even though the sale was discontinued in the 1990s, the Yamaha RX still pulls the youth. 100. Because of this, a well-maintained Yamaha Rx. 100 bike is currently priced at par with a new vehicle in the used motor vehicle market…
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It is a well-known fact that any vehicle is bought and sold the next day for half the price. But the price of Yamaha RX100 which was sold for around 20 thousand in the 1990s is now 50 thousand rupees in the old car market. Some people are still using 100 bikes…

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Many bikes today like BMW, KTM, Ducati… Why Yamaha has marketed many innovative bikes, but RX. The fascination with the 100 vehicle has not waned for many. The highlight is that Yamaha has understood this correctly and has said that they want to bring the RX100 model back to the Indian market. Without a 2 stroke engine due to the current smog regulations, the B.S. Yamaha is planning to bring it for sale in 6 grades..
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After taking R.X. Since it is not possible to launch another model under the name of 100, the Yamaha RX is expected to enter the Indian market only after 2026. 100..until then, the Yamaha RX. 100 lovers have no choice but to wait… Waiting is always a pleasure for lovers… Let’s wait…

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