Novel fruit available in summer … who should not eat ..?

Novel fruit that tastes a little sweet, sour, astringent. Usually available in May and June.
There are innumerable varieties of fruits in India. In particular, there are plenty of seasonal fruits to suit every season, such as the sun and winter. If we take the summer we get mangoes, squash, cucumbers, cashews, novelty fruits, including watermelon.
All the fruits available in summer are sweet and sour in taste. Of these, mango is the No. 1 spot. The taste sticks to the tongue even after you finish eating. Similarly, novel fruit is another favorite fruit of everyone from toddlers to adults.
Available in May and June: Novel fruit with a slightly sweet, sour, astringent taste. Usually available in May and June. In the countryside there are many boys and girls who flock to the forest or roadside novel trees for these fruits during school holidays.
Healthy: Novel fruit not only gives a pleasant taste to the tongue but is also packed with various medicinal properties. Novel fruits are especially beneficial for problems like stomach ache, diabetes and arthritis. Despite its numerous health characteristics, novel fruits do have some side effects. Side effects do not affect people from all walks of life. Only those who have certain health problems should eat novel fruits in moderation or avoid them altogether.
Blood sugar deficiency: Novel fruits can greatly lower blood sugar levels. In this case, if you take a lot of novel fruits, your blood sugar level will go down. Similarly, it can also help reduce high blood pressure. The higher the dose, the lower the blood pressure problem.
Constipation: Although novel fruits can cure digestive problems, constipation can occur if eaten in large quantities.
Skin Tumors: If you have problems like pimples or skin tumors on your face you must avoid this. Novel fruits can bring skin problems
Vomiting: Vomiting may occur in some people who eat a lot of novel fruits. Novel fruits naturally have a sour taste so tooth decay can occur when taking other foods.

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