Only a small percentage of rural people use the UPI payment facility – study information!

Upi Payment Users | Only 3 to 7 percent of people in rural areas use the UPI payment facility.

For the first time in March, 5 million transactions took place, an unprecedented number of online transactions. However, most people do not use the UPI payment facility in rural areas. Only 3 to 7 percent of the people there use the UPI payment facility.

The study found that about 40 per cent of rural people in the country are unaware of UPIs and digital payment facilities or do not know how to use them. Many people fear that their money will be stolen if they use digital payment methods.

Onbridge surveyed business and digital issues in rural areas. These things have come to light in that study. Of the 40 percent of people who do not make digital transactions, 20 percent said they would prefer to pay with cash. Another 10 per cent said that the reason for not using the UPI facility was that they did not have enough money in their accounts or their accounts were not functioning.

Average transaction amount
Among rural customers, the Onbridge system surveyed thousands of transactions over a 30-day period. Of this, an average of Rs 1,450 was transacted.

About 40 percent of transactions take place to purchase goods or services in stores. In particular, UPI transactions are high in hotels, grocery stores and hardware stores. About 11 percent of transactions take place between individuals for lending or repayment.

Aim to increase transactions
The Onbridge system operates in more than 10,000 villages in 77 districts across the country. The project is being implemented by consolidating 10,000 merchants in local areas.

It is planned to increase the awareness of digital transactions through this network and thereby increase the UPI transactions by 20 to 25 per cent in the next 12 months.

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