Parenting Tips: Tips for growth and development in children

Parenting Tips: The immune system of newborn babies is only temporary and starts to wane after the first few weeks or months

Taking care of baby’s health and safety is the most important job of parents. A baby’s body, like ours, produces its own antibiotics when exposed to viruses and germs, and that’s when the immune system gradually builds up. Therefore, familiarizing them with their surroundings is very important. As a parent, you provide them with adequate nutrition and help ensure their full development, safety and security.

Having said that, here are some tips that you can use to boost your baby’s development and growth.

Adequate nutrition

To ensure your baby’s development and growth, give adequate nutrition. Breast milk is considered the best and only source of nutrition for the first six months.

Encourage physical movement

Put the baby to sleep on your stomach, slowly turn the rattle to attract the baby which will help stimulate their shoulder movement.

Connect with your baby

Talk to your baby to help develop language and social skills. It will further strengthen the bond of love between parent and child and stimulate their development.

Play interactive games

Engage them in interactive activities that enhance children’s development. For example, you can play belly time or peek-a-boo. Such activities stimulate children’s overall development.

Timely vaccination and care

For your baby’s safety and security, make sure your baby gets all the vaccinations on time, especially in the early days. It will strengthen the baby’s immune system and help in development.

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