Pay By Face: No more money, you can buy things by showing your face from all these shops

Facial Recognition Payment | The gateway of the transaction will be opened in the same way that the lock of the phone is opened

Pay By Face: From this time, you can go to the store and buy things besides cards, cash and even mobile phones. It is rumored that MasterCard is experimenting with a new technology. And when it is implemented, the items will be matched only by showing the face. In this new biometric checkout program, the buyer only needs to go to the store and scan his own face. This technology must be pre-installed on the shop owner’s phone or other device. If the scanning is correct, the gateway of the transaction will be opened in the same way as the lock of the phone is opened.

This pilot pro village has started in Brazil. It is known that this Pro Village has recently been launched in a shop in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which was brought by Payface, a Brazilian start-up company. Bloomberg Nili Klenoff, senior vice president of MasterCard, said: It is possible to sell anything by determining the age. This is a new method that has many facets. We are very optimistic about this new technology.

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Informed quarters think that if this new Face Recognition method is introduced in the case of online payment, the fraud is likely to be much less. Last month, a company called Walletmor started giving hints of such technology. They use Near-Field Communication (NFC). That NFC technology has been used in smartphones for a long time.

Last month the company claimed they would put a chip in people’s hands. As a result, no other device will be needed. All transactions will be done by hand. This Waltmer chip may weigh less than a gram, somewhat larger than a grain of rice. The CEO of the company claims that this chip is safe in every way and has been spelled out by fulfilling all the necessary conditions.

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