People who live in a permanent air conditioner grow old quickly, what diseases can excessive use of AC cause you?

At the moment, the intense heat wave across the country has made it difficult for everyone to work, as the heat is increasing, the use of air conditioners among the people is also increasing. Until recently people used to consider using AC or installing AC as a luxury but as the wheel of time goes on, all the things that used to be considered as luxury items are now considered as necessities of life. ۔ This is probably due to the fact that most of the offices now have air conditioners, and it is difficult for those who work in them to spend all day in the office when they reach their homes in the evening. Goes So now every house has the same but AC is definitely installed. People run it according to their capacity because then it becomes a problem to pay the bills. But did you also know that sitting in an air-conditioned room all day can make you sick?

Respiratory and lung problems:
The bad news for those who live permanently in an air conditioner is that living in an AC will save you from the heat but its constant cooling will affect your lungs. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. In addition, a special type of bacterium, Legionellamyophila, can cause another disease that affects the respiratory system, Legionnaire. In addition, there is a risk of lung infection. People who are constantly suffering from the common cold need to be especially careful.

Shoulder and headache:
The cooling of the air conditioner also causes permanent pain in the lower back. Its cooling affects the muscles and joints of the body and affects different parts of the body. And this coolness settles in the body. And especially if the cooling of the C is high, then it becomes more dangerous because when you get out of this cooling and come to the outside temperature, it is more harmful to health. The body temperature is repeatedly low and high. Is that which affects your body. Therefore, one should try not to stay in the AC all day long. In between, keep your body at normal temperature for some time so that the effect of cold is lessened.

Do not keep the AC temperature low
Most people have a habit of liking cooling too much. That’s why they keep the air conditioner temperature between 16 and 22, which is harmful to your body. Too much cold affects your joints and causes joint pain.

People who live in air conditioners grow old quickly
Did you know that those who live in a permanent air conditioner get old quickly, yes, wrinkles on their skin grow quickly, because the AC draws in the humidity of the room, which leads to dryness. And the skin of those who sit or live in it also becomes dry and wrinkles appear on it quickly, so to avoid this it is necessary to increase the use of water or use a room humidifier which Maintain the humidity in the room. Also, keep drinking water so that the skin does not become dry.

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