Physical signs that you are in good health (infographic)

Definitely going to the gym and following a healthy lifestyle based on proper nutrition, and getting adequate periods of rest are essential to ensure that a person enjoys good health, or always seems to be in the best of health.

But in fact, many people believe that just going to the gym is a sure guarantee of better health, and that there is no way to achieve this apart from going to the gym, so many of them begin to feel despair; Because they cannot go to the gym for various reasons, their lifestyles and habits change for the worse, and thus they gradually lose their health because they do not have a deeper view of things.

Contrary to what many expect, there are millions of people who have not gone to the gym, even once in their lives, and despite that, they have great health and a healthy body.

So, if you do not go to the gym and do not know whether you are in good health or not, and your condition is fine from a health point of view, there are 10 physical signs that allow you to judge for yourself on your health, which are:

1- Hair and nails: noticing that your hair is turning from thicker to lighter and starting to fall out even though you don’t suffer from genetic baldness or it has started to break, your scalp is dry, or your nails don’t break easily and are weak and dull in color, and they don’t grow normally Natural and harmonious, these signs strongly indicate that your psychological condition is good, and that you are organically getting what you need from nutrients and vitamins.

2- The eye: the eye is like a window on the body that shows a lot of healthy things about you, especially those related to diseases of the liver and kidneys in particular.

There are several signs that you should watch out for; Because they are signs that things are not going well. For example, you should note the degree of bright white in the whites of your eyes. If it is pale or yellowish, you may have to go to see a doctor.

Also, seeing the veins and capillaries in the eye may indicate some health problems and diseases related to liver and kidney diseases, in addition to several other diseases.

3- BMI: The ratio of muscle, tissue, water and fat in your body compared to height and age plays an important role in determining your health status.

The observation of any defect in the indicators in an exaggerated way may cause many diseases, and the alarm bell sounds on approaching the danger areas for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Therefore, at regular intervals, always check your body mass index through the devices found in major pharmacies or medical centers, in order to determine the percentage of muscle, tissue, water and fat and compare it to your height.

To clarify things more, there is a simple mathematical calculation that can tell if your body mass index is normal to warn you that some diseases are approaching, which is to divide your weight by your height and then multiply the result by 703. If the ratio lies between 18.5 and 24.9, you are in good health, But if it is less or more than this rate, we advise you to visit a doctor.

4- Bones and muscles: Yes, it is good to have a beautiful body and harmonious muscles, but most importantly, do you feel pain in the muscles or bones without a clear cause or effect or for simple reasons? If the answer is yes, you may have to find out the reason by visiting a doctor for tests related to the strength and health of the bones and the integrity of the muscle fibers from the inside, as the external appearance is not always evidence of what is happening on the inside.

5- What happens in the toilet: There are many diseases and problems related to the shape of stool and the color of urine, and depends largely on the extent and strength of bowel movement.

And in order to know whether things are going well or not, not suffering from frequent cases of diarrhea or constipation for no apparent reason and that the consistency and color of stool are normal, it is a good sign that things are going well.

As for the urine, its soft yellow color and the absence of an unpleasant unpleasant odor for it is a good health sign that you are in good health.

You should also be aware that going to the toilet several times a day is also healthy, and that it is evidence that nothing abnormal is happening in the intestines or kidneys.

6- Sleep: There are several indications that you are in good health that you can know through your sleep, for example, getting at least 6 hours and that the number of hours of sleep does not exceed 10 per day and the ability to fall asleep in less than 20 minutes after going to bed And not waking up often during the middle of the sleep period and feeling energetic and energetic during the day are good health signs that indicate that your body is getting exactly what it needs to rest, and that your vital organs are active, healthy and free from problems.

7- The rate of physical fitness and flexibility: It is one of the things that can only be measured by experience to find out the truth of things correctly. For example, if you are under 50, and you have the ability to run at the fastest possible speed for 60 seconds, or do 10 repetitions of push-ups and do fitness exercises for 10 Minutes Signs and signs of good health and great flexibility of the body and muscles.

And if you do not have enough time to do this test, you can assess things with a simple and easy test, which is to sit on the floor with your back in a straight position with the distance between the feet closed and the hands raised up as in the picture and down to the point where you can touch your toes with your hands.

And if you can do it without pain in the knee or lower back, then you definitely have great flexibility and fitness, but if you feel pain, it is a sign that you need to set aside time to do physical activities.

8- Smell: Any unconventional change in body odor such as the smell of sweat, mouth, urine or feces may be strong evidence that something bad is happening inside your body without your knowledge.

But if the smells your body releases are natural and logical, then you are in good health, and things inside your body happen naturally.

9- Energy levels: Feeling normal fatigue that you can bear after working for 8 hours or exercising or exercising or physical efforts does not indicate any harmful things to health, but that you are in the youth stage and feel severe exhaustion and a state of nausea when making physical or mental effort average and within the limits This is an indication that you need to see a doctor, follow a healthy lifestyle and conduct tests to find out the percentage of iron in your body.

10- Blood circulation: If you suffer from any problems or symptoms mentioned above, you need to undergo medical tests to check on many things such as blood pressure, cardiovascular health, check on the liver and kidneys, and get a medical examination for your blood circulation, especially if you feel with muscle spasms, frequent and persistent headaches; Because it may be related to the levels of oxygen carried by the blood to the brain.

Finally, you should notice how you deal with negative feelings and bad situations that you are exposed to in your life. If you enter into strong cases of nervousness, tension and feelings of anxiety, we advise you to visit a psychiatrist and check on your mental health.

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