Poila Boishakh Recipe | Mango recipe

Poila Boishakh Recipe | Mango Recipe: Many types of cooking can be done with raw mango. Here are the 5 posts of Halhadish.
Boishakh-Jyastha means the season full of mangoes. At this time many people use mango in pulses or chutney. Fits over time. Good to eat. However, many more types of cooking can be done with raw mango. Here are the 5 posts of Halhadish.

Mango Salad: In a bowl, mix sugar, salt, lemon juice, oil, cassava (if not a spoonful of mustard paste), chilli powder and mix well with a spoon to make a dressing. Now peel the mango and cut it into thin slices. Cucumber, onion, tomato, capsicum should be cut in the same way. In a bowl, take mango, cucumber, onion, tomato, capsicum, coriander leaves and spread the dressing (Poila Boishakh Recipe | Mango Recipe) on it. Now mix the mango salad well.
Mango Pulses: Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Boil in hot water with a little oil and turmeric. But care must be taken so that the stalks do not melt completely. When the oil is hot in the pan, stir in the black mustard and dry fork and saute with the mango pieces. Boil the dal with turmeric salt and sugar for a while with the sauteed mango. When the pulses are ready, cool them and cover them with open crush of Gandharaja lemon for 5 minutes. If desired, half a teaspoon of raw mustard oil can be spread on the pulses.
Raw mango popsicle: In a blender mix sugar, black salt, mint leaves, raw mango pieces and 1/4 cup water well. Once the paste is made, it should be molded and kept in the fridge. Poila Boishakh Recipe | Mango Recipe. This time you just have to serve it cold.
Raw Mango Chutney: Raw mango should be cut and washed well and the mango pieces should be smeared with a little salt and turmeric. Soak cashew nuts and raisins in a bowl beforehand. Heat mustard oil in a pan and fry black mustard and dried chilli. Ginger should be crushed and left in that oil. This time you have to fry the mango pieces in a pan. Then it should be pressed with water and sugar. Mango will boil and thicken the chutney. Then open the lid, spread lemon juice, cashew nuts and raisins and take down the raw mango chutney.

Mango leaf: Raw mangoes should be washed and burned directly in the gas oven. Note that the mango peel will burn black and the inner part will be soft. After it cools down, open it well (Poila Boishakh Recipe | Mango Recipe) and mix the inside with salt and sugar, mix more cold water and spread ice cubes on top.

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