Post Office Scheme: Post Office Bumper Scheme! Double return on risk free project, goods easily

Post Office Scheme: Post office scheme double returns in just 10 years and 4 months
Many people prefer long term investment in post office It is one of the means of investment which ensures family investment Post office scheme is very profitable for long term investment Symbolic image 6

It is true that if you invest money in the stock market, you can get more profit, but in that case, there is also a huge risk Investing in this post office scheme without any risk has a huge potential for goods. Symbolic image 6
Kisan Vikas Patra is a very good scheme (Kisan Vikas Patra) Government guarantee is available in the post office scheme That is why investing in this project is not risky at all Symbolic image 6
The term of Kisan Bikashpatra is 124 months, that is, 10 years and 4 months If lump sum amount is added to this scheme between 1st April 2022 to 30th June 2022, it will be doubled in 10 years and 4 months. Symbolic image 6


Kisan Bikashpatra Certificate can be purchased for a minimum of Rs.1000 / -, there is no limit on investment in this scheme. You can invest in this scheme as much as you need Symbolic image 6

This scheme was started in 1986 That means you can invest as much money as possible in this scheme The purpose of that time was to double the savings of the farmers But at present it can be said that there is no demand from the farmers with Kisan Bikashpatra Symbolic image 6
There is no limit to the investment in this special project There is a risk of money nine-six That is why the central government has introduced new rules in 2014 under which PAN is inevitable if one invests more than Rs 50,000. Symbolic image 6
If one invests more than Rs 10 lakh, he has to submit proof of income such as Salary Slip, ITR, Bank Statement. At the same time Photo Identity Card must be submitted Symbolic image 6
You can buy Kisan Bikashpatra in three ways Single Holder Type Certificate: This type of certificate can be purchased for yourself or for a minor. Symbolic image 6

Joint A Account: 2 people of different ages can open this account Both of these people have investments or living person investments Symbolic image 6
Joint B Account :One out of every 2 people invests in a joint account He who is alive has his investment Symbolic image 6

Features of Kisan Bikashpatra

1. Return guaranteed in this scheme, this investment has nothing to do with market fluctuations. This is why this investment is so secure When the term is completed, the full amount is available Symbolic image 6

2. Exemption under Income Tax Act 80C is not available in this scheme Returns are fully taxable If you withdraw money after maturity, no tax will be levied Symbolic image 6


3. You can withdraw all the money in 124 months after maturity However, its lock-in period is 30 months Earlier, money could not be withdrawn from this scheme In case of death of the account holder or in any special case by the order of the court Symbolic image 

4. 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000 can be invested in this project Symbolic image 6
5. There is also a loan facility by guaranteeing Kisan Bikashpatra

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