Pre Mature Wrinkles: Premature Wrinkles Can’t Be Done One Day, Just Do This!

Pre Mature Wrinkles: Some things should be taken care of to prevent premature aging. Let’s find out about them.

Change is inevitable with time. in everything The skin also changes. But due to wrong diet and uncontrolled lifestyle, the skin gets old at an early age. Wrinkles appear on the face. This is a very common problem these days. But the reason for this is not one, but many. Some things should be taken care of to prevent premature aging. Let’s find out about them.

Use of Retinoids: Retinoids should be used to keep the skin free of wrinkles. It contains anti-aging ingredients. Regular use of retinoids increases collagen levels in the skin. It makes the skin fair. Not only that, retinoids help in skin cell regeneration. Simply put, it is unmatched in improving the overall appearance of the skin. Retinoids are available in gel and cream form. Experts say it should be used daily. But before use, patch test should be done once. It is best to consult a doctor once.

The face should be kept relaxed: Along with the body, the face should also be kept relaxed. Constant movement of the face can cause the skin to sag. Premature wrinkles or fine lines appear. The face can be massaged to keep it relaxed. It works well.

Sunscreen SPF Upgrade: Everyone knows that sunlight damages the skin. Wrinkles appear. This is why it is said to protect the skin from the sun. Also need to upgrade the sunscreen SPF. Actually sunscreen SPF varies with age. As you get older, you have to look at the numbers. It also depends on the skin tone.

Things to keep in mind: Cleansing, toning and moisturizer should never be omitted from the skin care routine. By following these three steps, the skin will last forever

Dry skin gets wrinkles easily. So the skin should always be kept hydrated. Face masks can be used to retain moisture in the skin. Cucumber is also a good option for skin hydration. Along with this, the body should also be kept hydrated. Adequate amount of water should be consumed.

Vitamin C is very important for the skin. So products made with vitamin C should be used. It will benefit the skin in many ways. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits. In this case, an orange pack can be used on the face.

Smoking, alcohol and lack of sleep also cause facial wrinkles. So stay away from these. These things not only harm the skin but also the body.

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