Sapna Chowdhury’s Western Luck seemed strange to people, said such a thing, see PICS

Fans not only like Sapna Choudhary’s desi look but also their western look. As soon as Sapna Choudhary New Pics shares a new photo, fans flood her with likes and comments.
Mumbai: Sapna Chaudhary, who is usually seen in a salwar suit, goes viral in the fence when she shares her photos in a western dress. Fans not only like Sapna Chowdhury’s Desi Luck but also his Western Luck. As soon as Sapna Chowdhury shares a new photo, fans flood her with likes and comments. (Photo credit: Instagram. @Itssapnachoudhary)
However, it seems that fans did not like Sapna Chowdhury’s Western Luck this time. (Photo credit: Instagram. @Itssapnachoudhary)
People are also making some weird comments on Sapna Chowdhury’s picture and reacting to Sapna’s Western Luck. (Photo credit: Instagram. @Itssapnachoudhary)
This time she is seen in a blue off-shoulder dress in the photos shared by Sapna. (Photo credit: Instagram. @Itssapnachoudhary)
However, as usual, the fans of Sapna are showering love on his pictures this time as well. (Photo credit: Instagram. @Itssapnachoudhary
Sapna has often managed to amaze fans with her avatar. (Photo credit: Instagram. @Itssapnachoudhary)
Sapna Chowdhury’s pictures are often spread on social media. (Photo credit: Instagram. @Itssapnachoudhary)
Fans especially like Haryanvi dance queen Sapna Chowdhury’s Desi Luck. (Photo credit: Instagram. @Itssapnachoudhary)
Fans can’t take their eyes off Sapna Chowdhury’s beautiful performances. The Haryanvi dancer is wearing make-up like an Indian woman. Photo: Instagram / itssapnachoudhary
Sapna Chowdhury is wearing a green full sleeve blouse with a floral design sari. Photo: Instagram / itssapnachoudhary
Fans of Sapna are quite fond of his saree. The actress wrote in the caption with the photo: I shone today, because I hugged the sari. Photo: Instagram / itssapnachoudhary
Sapna shared these photos about two days ago, which has received more than 75,000 likes. Fans of the actress are praising her by making various comments. Photo: Instagram / itssapnachoudhary

Sapna has carried jewelery with beautiful sari, which is making her look more attractive. Photo: Instagram / itssapnachoudhary
Sapna’s father died when she was only 12 years old. She has been dancing on stage since she was young. Photo: Instagram @itssapnachoudhary
Sapna Chaudhary today earns more than one crore rupees every month. He owns several properties in Haryana. There is also a luxurious mansion in Delhi. Photo: Instagram @itssapnachoudhary

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