Screaming, sadness, despair. Are you also becoming a patient of depression? Know the easiest recipe to get rid of this disease

What is depression?
Depression is now a disease that progresses over time, instead of our problems becoming less as we progress and we become more calm and relaxed, we are all getting more and more depressed. The desire for the best has turned man into a machine. Those who have lost their sleep, lost their mental and physical peace in order to move forward, that’s why mental and mental diseases are increasing all over the world at this time. This disease i.e. depression can happen to anyone, child or adult, old or young. This disease can attack at any time, sometimes its intensity is low and sometimes its intensity is very high. Sometimes you get a sudden attack of sadness, sometimes panic and anxiety, sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything. There is a feeling of disappointment in everything, these are all types of depression. If they are treated promptly, the disease can be prevented from progressing. Sometimes depression increases to such an extent that a person starts thinking about suicide. This is a type of clinical depression.

The problem with us is that mental illness is only considered insanity. While mental confusion and depression are also a form of mental illness, people are afraid to go to a psychiatrist for it lest someone see and think we are crazy. Therefore, due to this confusion and embarrassment, they do not seek treatment and their disease progresses. Even if someone from the people around them advises them to go to the doctor, then these people are considered bad. That’s why people are afraid of them when something bad happens.

The easiest treatment for depression:
If someone feels that he is suffering from depression, then experts have given a simple recipe for him how to control this disease. According to new researches, the abundant intake of vitamins B6 and B12 plays a role in eliminating depression. Both these vitamins directly affect the nervous system, especially the brain.
Vitamin B6 and B12 deficiency can cause a deficiency of a certain chemical found in the human brain that severely affects the nervous system. Apart from this, anxiety and irritability increases in the mood of the person. It also affects vision. In this regard, a research was done on some volunteers with depression and it was found that the volunteers who were given vitamin B6 and B12, their depression was controlled to a great extent and those who were He was given the same fake medicine and his depression remained the same. Apart from this, his vision tests were also taken and improvement was seen in that too.

Therefore, experts concluded that if vitamin B6 and B12 are not reaching you in the diet, then their supplements can be used for this. This will also significantly reduce the disease. In addition, these two vitamins are present in bananas, chickpeas, papayas, kale, all dairy products and fish, along with its presence in many vegetables can benefit us.

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