Security Tips: Learn These 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Google Account More Secure

Nowadays, cyber crime is growing at a very fast pace. Users don’t need to spend a lot of time to keep their Google Account secure.

Google Account Safety Tips: Nowadays Google has become an important part of almost everyone’s life. In addition to internet access, mail checking, browsing, users depend on Google for messages. To get all these benefits, users need to sign in their Google account on their Android phone. For this, the security of users’ Google accounts is very important.

Because cybercrime is growing at a very fast pace nowadays. Users don’t need to spend a lot of time to keep their Google Account secure. Users can always keep their Google account safe by following a few simple steps. So let’s take a look at four easy ways to keep your Google Account secure at a glance.

Google Security Checkup –
Google Security Checkup is very important to keep users’ devices safe. With this, users can remove devices that they do not use. Google provides a list of devices to users, which are applied to Google Account login. In this case, all the devices that will not be used, Google informs about it and asks to remove it.

Password Tracking –
Along with security checks, password tracking is very important. Through this it is possible to see whether the password of the users has violated any rule or not. Users can change their password immediately after viewing it. Google advises users to change that password.

Safe Browsing –
Google has an advanced feature. Through this, customers can avoid various types of harmful websites and download harmful files from there. This feature of Google warns users from those harmful websites and files. Google also warns users if there are any problems with their passwords.

New Account Sign In Alert –
Many times users use their Google account on other devices. As a result, Google sends new sign-in alerts to users. Through this, users can see if their Google account has been accessed on any other device, it can be anywhere in the world.

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