Skin Care || Multani soil and milk! Leave the expensive cosmetics and apply it on your face, you will see the difference in a few days

Multani Mitti Benefits: Mix a little milk with Multani mitti and apply it on the skin. Let’s see how the mixture of these two ingredients works for the skin.

 Multani mud has been used for skin and hair care since ages. Applying Multani soil on the skin not only makes the skin better, but also removes many skin problems. Many people buy expensive cosmetics from the market to keep the skin healthy and to eliminate skin problems. But all those products contain harmful chemicals. But now there is no need to spend so much money. Because if you mix a little milk with Multani soil and apply it on the skin, it will be kella phate. Let’s see how the combination of these two ingredients works for the skin.

Removes dead cells:
Although there are many scrubbers or exfoliators available in the market, nothing compares to the mixture of milk and Multani mudi. Multani miti removes dead skin cells. Then the lower part of the skin is exposed and the skin needs moisture. Milk provides that moisture. And since Multani soil and milk are both natural ingredients, there is no risk of skin damage.

Removes acne:
Acne is a major skin problem. There are many gels and face washes available in the market that claim to reduce acne. It will work if you apply a mixture of Multani soil and milk without paying attention. This mixture removes the dirt accumulated in the pores of the skin.

Brings youth to the skin:
Many times due to lifestyle stress and pollution, wrinkles start appearing on the skin before time. Applying this mixture of milk and multani mud regularly will keep the skin youthful. Because this mixture helps to maintain skin tone.

Brings brightness to the skin:
No, not an expensive cream, this milk and Multani clay paste should be used to remove blemishes and brighten the skin. This pack will bring radiance to the face.

Eliminates tanning:
We have to go out for various activities. And when we go out, the sunlight starts to damage the skin. Even if it is saved, this mixture will come in handy. This pack also removes burning sensation, redness, rash and itching on the skin.

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