Skin Care Tips: Are you worried about oily skin? Do you know why this happens in summer?

Oily Skin Problem

Skin Care Tips: Skin sweats more in summer. As a result, street dust and smoke get more and more stuck on the skin. The skin becomes oily and sticky.

For any woman, fair, radiant, flawless skin is one of the reasons for pride and confidence. People who are more picky about their skin are always thinking. Every day they wake up and stand in front of the mirror wondering if there are any black spots or tanning on the skin. However, for those who are worried about their skin, it is better to keep in mind that skin problems increase even a little bit during the summer due to seasonal reasons.

The skin sweats more in summer. As a result, street dust and smoke get more and more stuck on the skin. The skin becomes oily and sticky. The skin is much more damaged during this time because of the sun’s double energy.

Different layers of skin
Human skin consists of three layers, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis (also known as the fatty layer). The dermis is the second layer consisting of protein fibers like glands, blood vessels and collagen, which keep the skin firm. The epidermis is the highest layer that can be touched and this layer is affected by external stimuli. Whether one’s skin is good or bad depends on how one adheres to one’s skin routine. Proper skin care, Balanced diet and exercise keep the skin texture good. The sebaceous glands in our body are responsible for secreting a natural oil called sebum. This gland attaches to the hair follicles and protects the skin from dryness and wrinkles by helping to keep the outer layer of the skin hydrated. However, we do not always have control over the oiliness of the skin. In some cases, the oiliness of the skin also depends on the genes. In other words, if the skin of parents is oily, the skin of boys and girls can also be oily.

It is very normal for the skin to become oily. There is no reason to worry too much about this. If you have oily skin, then the skin will age later.

Summer and oily skin
In hot and humid weather the skin becomes oily. Sebam production also increased during this time. It takes more oil and sebum to keep the body cool in summer. That is one of the reasons why the skin is oily. It is not possible to avoid it completely, but a few rules can be followed. Astringent lotions or skin tonics can be used to reduce the oiliness of the skin. Also avoid high fat foods, excessive face washing and going out without sunscreen.

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