Skin Care Tips: Repeated acne in the same place of the body but the indication of a major disease, know

Skin Care Tips: Many people get acne in the same place month after month. Which is not only painful but also annoying.

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition. The skin has sebaceous glands. A type of oil called sebum comes out from there. This is the normal process. Disturbance in this process leads to acne. Many people have repeated acne in one place. Is there anything to worry about?

Many people get acne in the same spot month after month. Which is not only painful but also annoying. Hormonal cysts are the main cause. Cysts are large pimples under the skin. They swell and cause inflammation. These pimples usually do not pop out and when they do appear, they take a long time to clear up and even if they do go away, they leave scars on the skin. It is mainly caused by hormones and is more difficult to treat as it is deeper than normal acne. These pimples should not be cracked or scratched. Because it is on the inside of the skin, its exact condition is not understood. Also, it infects the surrounding area of ​​the skin.

When the pores are blocked, various parts of the face, especially the T-zone, become oily due to sebum production. Sebum mixes with dead cells and dirt and clogs pores. Then white heads and black heads appear. Regular exfoliation is necessary to protect the skin from breakouts. It helps keep the skin and pores clean. A face wash rich in salicylic acid can be used to reduce excess oiliness. If acne occurs regularly on both sides of the cheeks during periods and has been for a long time, then a specialist should be consulted for deep cleansing of the skin. Applying ice on the skin can reduce oil production. Blue light therapy also helps clear stubborn acne.

Repeatedly touching the face, wiping sweat, sleeping or for any other reason. Touching your face repeatedly means inviting acne. Different types of dirt and bacteria on the hands can come into contact with the skin and cause acne and pimples. Touching the hands increases the blood circulation in the area of ​​the face. As a result, inflammation can occur. It also increases the secretion of sebum in the skin which can clog the pores and cause breakouts. Experts suggest that since these pimples are often deep in the skin, a treatment is difficult. These pimples should not be cracked or poked. From this, deadly diseases can also take root in the body. As a result, you must consult a doctor if necessary. (Disclaimer: This report is for general information only, so always seek expert advice for details.)

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