Sometimes upset stomach? Which one to eat and which one to avoid?

When the stomach is upset, the desire to eat goes away. But some food must be eaten to nourish the body and regain energy.

Stomach infection is terrible.
The whole system becomes useless. Body feels weak. Gastrointestinal infection usually occurs through contact with contaminated water or food or an infected person. Its primary symptoms are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, and abdominal pain.

When the stomach is upset, the desire to eat goes away. But some food must be eaten to nourish the body and regain energy. If you have a stomach infection, not all food is digested. So it is recommended to eat healthy, nutritious and natural food to reduce suffering and cure infection.

Banana: Bananas are a must in the diet to get rid of stomach infections. It is easy to digest. Vomiting and diarrhea decrease potassium levels in the body. Banana restores it. Apart from this, bananas play a key role in strengthening the lining of the stomach and healing damaged intestines. The pectin in bananas absorbs excess fluid in the intestines. As a result, the stool becomes hard and diarrhea is cured.

Rice: Many people ask what should be eaten in the morning and at night in case of diarrhoea. The answer in one word is, a bowl of salted white rice. Carbohydrates in it provide the body with the energy it needs. Complex carbohydrates help replace nutrients lost from the body due to vomiting, so the body is not too weak. But during this time any spices other than salt should also be avoided.

Canned water: One of the worst things to do after a stomach infection is dehydration. So it is important to replenish the fluid in the body. Bottled water is a great drink to rehydrate the body. No need to add sugar separately. But it is a natural source of electrolytes. While it contains potassium, it is also rich in other important nutrients such as sodium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Yogurt: Another great food to cure an upset stomach is yogurt. It is a rich source of protein. It does not help stabilize blood sugar levels. Apart from that, curd also helps in controlling intestinal bacteria. The vitamin in it increases the hemoglobin in the body and also keeps the nervous system healthy.

Foods and drinks to avoid: In addition to eating healthy foods mentioned above, there are certain foods to avoid during stomach flu or food poisoning. This includes caffeinated beverages such as coffee. It can aggravate stomach problems. High fat, fried, highly acidic and spicy foods should also be avoided. Milk and milk products should also not be consumed at this time. Because they can be difficult to digest.

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