Stiff neck in gold ?? Here are some home remedies for neck stiffness

Stiff neck in gold ?? Here are some home remedies for neck stiffness

There are many possible causes for neck stiffness, it may be due to your daily activities as well as your sleep pattern, but here are some simple home remedies that can help you get rid of stiff neck.

 Can do Neck stiffness is actually caused by muscle weakness and dehydration, so often when you sleep your neck stops and you wake up the next morning with severe neck pain.

This is often caused by using a mobile phone or laptop in the same position for a long time. Stiff neck is a painful condition that can affect your daily activities. How to get rid of this discomfort. Learn a few ways.

Ways to get rid of neck stiffness

• Tap hot or cold
When the neck is stiff, fill the hatpad with warm water to warm the neck, or warm a cloth with an iron and apply it on the neck, or cool the stiff neck muscles with an ice pad. 

Neck stiffness or stiffness Everyone should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, this will not only relieve stiff neck but also keep your whole body active and you will be able to sit in a relaxed manner.

* Reduce stress
One of the major causes of neck stiffness is stress, so it is important that you reduce stress and try to stay calm through yoga, exercise or peace of mind.

* How to sleep
If you sleep upside down, do not use soft pillows, give up these habits immediately, our body needs a comfortable bed while sleeping, otherwise the neck will hurt every joint of the back and body, so sleep straight. Make a habit of using soft pillows.

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