Strange case! Honda also asked for money back from the workers with bonus

Honda Bonus: Such an incident may not have happened with the employees of any company. Got a bonus and had to return the money!

Bonus credited to account. The company gave it. Again the company asked for some of the bonus money back. Doubt whether this has happened to the employees of any company!

Receiving a bonus is a wonderful feeling for employees of any organization. Who does not like to get some extra money outside of salary! However, the state of mind of the employees of the popular automobile company Honda may be quite bad now.

The Japanese firm has asked workers to return bonus money. Honda gave good bonus to most of the employees this time. As a result, the employees were also very happy. But that happy hour did not last long. The company also sought refund of bonus money from the employees.

According to a report, the Japanese automaker sent a memo to workers at its Marysville, Ohio factory explaining that the company had paid more than the stipulated bonus amount. Some of the bonus money has been asked to be returned to the workers. It is further stated that if the employees do not respond to this directive, the amount will be automatically deducted from their salary.

Honda claimed it was legally justified. But how many bonuses were given to employees! Employees have been asked to pay back how much money! The company refused to disclose it.

Bonuses were given to employees earlier this month. Some received additional bonuses. The workers were asked to return the excess money to the company by September 22. If not, Honda also said that the money will be deducted from the salary of the workers in the next month.

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