Summer Tips: Take a look at the colorful eyeliner in hot weather.

Summer Tips: Not all eyeliners are the same. Different formulas will help to get a different look of the law. You have to choose accordingly.

Sweaty and restless in the heat. This time I do not like to do heavy makeup at all. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. But you have to get out. Then the way! At this time, get a colorful eyeliner. Let’s take a look at the colors. Fine bluetooth to soft yellow, let’s talk eye color.

Color Eyeliner Formula: Not all eyeliners are the same. Different formulas will help to get a different look of the law. You have to choose accordingly.

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Liquid eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner is not the answer to get dark lines of any size on the eyes. Those who are new to it can use it like a pen. Liquid eyeliner can be used in the style of your choice.

Gel eyeliner: The texture of gel eyeliner is very smooth and creamy. One stroke on the eye is enough because it is as dark as black ink. Pigmentation is good enough. Liquid eyeliner is ideal for many people whose hands tremble, spread or become dizzy.

Pencil eyeliner: This type of eyeliner looks like a pencil. Available in different shades. Pencil liner can usually be used on the upper eyelid and below the eye. Can be easily smashed. So it is also used in smoky eye makeup. These are fairly kind of worms. Very easy to use. The pencil liner has to be sharpened before each use. So that it can be used with the eyes in a beautiful way.

Colorful eyeliner style: Once you have chosen the eyeliner, the work is not finished, you have to decide in which style it will be applied.

Wing Eyeliner: Whether it’s a neat outfit or a party makeup, Wing Eyeliner always looks attractive. Wing eyeliner can be applied with the help of cellotape. First you have to cut the cell tape measuring 2 cm. It should be cut at an angle so that it can be placed next to the eyes. Now you have to apply cellotape along the outer corner of the eye. Now you have to pull the eyeliner along the edge of the cellotape. Now touch the brush on the upper part of the light that has been drawn and draw another line towards the inner corner of the eye. Then you have to fill the middle part of the two lines.

Thick eyeliner: Apply thick eyeliner on the eyelids. Can be any color that matches skin tone and eye color.

Lower Eyeliner: Who said colored liner can be worn only on the upper eyelids? The color can be easily changed on the lower eyelids. Draw a thin line of white liner and wear liner thicker. You can wing as you wish! Everyone will be shocked by the drama of the eyes.

Smash Eyeliner: Big models from actors like this eye makeup! The base should be made by first applying eye primer on the upper and lower eyelids. Start by rubbing the eyelids of the upper eyelids, apply black or gray eyeshadow along the groove of the eyelids and blend it nicely. Mascara can be applied by curling the eyelids with eyelash curler.

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