Surprising causes of heart attack, which everyone should know

Surprising causes of heart attack, which everyone should know

Poor lifestyle, stress and chronic illnesses are common risk factors for heart disease but you may be surprised to learn about these unknown causes of heart attack.

Experts say that deaths from heart attacks and sudden heart attacks have been on the rise in the last few decades, affecting people of all ages. In a heart attack, blood flow to the heart stops, which damages the heart.

Poor lifestyle, stress and diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes are traditional risk factors for heart disease, there may be some lesser known or surprising causes of heart attack that everyone should know.

Surprising Causes of Heart Attack:

Bacteria in the mouth:
Bacteria in the mouth that cause periodontal disease can cause inflammation in your arteries, inflammation in our body is one of the causes of heart attack and this inflammation can have many causes. Any situation that is pro-inflammatory puts us at risk for a heart attack and we need to make sure there is no inflammation.

Depression not only deprives you of happiness in your daily activities and makes you feel hopeless but it can also lead to heart attack. This is usually due to the lifestyle of people suffering from depression, no one thinks that a person suffering from depression may have heart disease, people who suffer from depression do not exercise and as a result, they The risk of having a heart attack is higher.

If you are addicted to drugs, you are definitely at a higher risk of having a heart attack. Experts say that nicotine and smoking are the causative factors for heart attack but use another drug that can cause heart attack. Cocaine.

If you are a person who has very few people in your life who can increase your chances of having a heart attack because loneliness is related to stress and high blood pressure.

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