The 8 worst foods to eat before bed

Eating late at night causes you extreme insomnia. Foods rich or saturated with fat make your night a nightmare. If you are looking for a peaceful night of sleep, these are the 8 foods you should avoid before bed.

1- Ice cream:
Ice cream contains fats that do not allow a man’s body to burn them right before bed. The sugar in it is stored and turned into fat, and it was discovered that foods rich in sugar cause nightmares.

2- Kraves:
Vegetables are among the most nutrient-rich foods, but avoid those like celery for example; In order to get an uninterrupted night of sleep, because it helps to urinate a lot.

3- Pasta:
Composed of carbohydrates that turn into fats, adding oils, cheese, cream or tomatoes, and heavy sauces to it will raise your blood sugar, which means it helps delay sleep and wake you up at night.

4- Pizza:
It contains a layer of tomato sauce that contains high levels of acidity, which causes heartburn in your stomach, and makes it difficult for you to sleep well.

5- Sweets:
A recent study showed that 7 out of 10 people who eat junk food such as candy bars before bed are more likely to have nightmares, as high levels of sugar create nightmarish waves in the brain.

6- Grains:
Cereals often contain high amounts of refined sugar, which is not the best way to put your body at peace before bedtime.

7- Garlic:
In addition to its unpleasant smell, it causes stomach discomfort and has some properties that can cause you heartburn.

8- Dark chocolate:
One of the foods you should avoid to get a good night’s sleep is a source of caffeine that itself causes insomnia.

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