The child is not feeling well. If no doctor is available immediately, then learn 20 prescriptions for treatment from vegetables, fruits and household items.

The child is not feeling well. If no doctor is available immediately, then learn 20 prescriptions for treatment from vegetables, fruits and household items.

Almighty god has placed invaluable power in vegetables, fruits, grains etc. Therefore, it is possible to overcome various diseases, their symptoms and complications by using them. Below is a brief demonstration of 20 tried and tested recipes using different vegetables and fruits.

1. To improve eyesight, grind seven almonds and take half a teaspoon of fennel and Egyptian daily.

2. Clean and grind fennel and dried coriander one by one to prevent rapid heartbeat and flatulence. Add one and a half drops of sugar in this mixture. Take one tablespoon in the morning and one in the evening.

3. If the soles of the feet are burning, massage the soles with the pulp of aloe vera in the morning and evening.
4. Use more water to relieve urinary irritation. Drink half a glass of water mixed with a quarter cup of milk, the irritation will disappear.

5. If you feel very thirsty, eat cucumbers. If thirst is not quenched in any case, make raw milk lassi and drink two or three glasses. The thirst will be quenched.
6. Applying aloe vera pulp on the face in the morning and evening, the spots on the face gradually disappear.

7. In summer, run five or seven amla in a clay bowl at night to remove redness and irritation of the eyes. In the morning, spray water on the eyes.

8. Take 3 grams of camomile powder in the morning and evening to get rid of stomach worms in children.
9 Take one towel of raw honey, one towel of alum, one towel of sulfur and grind it to prevent heels from bursting and burning. Mix petroleum jelly in it and apply it on the heels while sleeping. It will heal in a few days.
10 To reduce obesity, boil half a teaspoon of Pasi Klonji in a glass of water and take it in the morning and in the evening. Obesity can be reduced by adding four to five drops of Klonji oil and one lemon juice in a glass of water in the morning and evening for one consecutive month.
11. To get rid of the common cold, put a little sugar on burning coals and smell its smoke.
12 Sneezing can be controlled by sniffing out green coriander water.
13 To stop the bleeding of hemorrhage, take out the water of green coriander and smell it.
14. Dissolve a pinch of alum in a little water and put it in the nose to get rid of bad breath.
15 To relieve urinary irritation in young children, crush onion in water and mix 40 grams of sugar. Drink two to three tablespoons of this mixture in the morning and evening.
16. To prevent indigestion and vomiting, eat 30 grams onion, a few mint leaves and seven peppercorns mixed well.
17. The use of onion as a salad in the morning and evening prevents indigestion and increases physical strength.
18. To increase appetite, chop onion and ginger in fruit vinegar. Then mix mint leaves, garlic cloves and a little raisins and use as a salad.
19 To get rid of head wounds and itching, grind neem nebulizers and mix it with water to make a thick paste and apply it well in the hair at night. Wrap the scalp and wash the scalp in the morning.
20 In winter, to get rid of swelling in the fingers and toes of the hands and feet, by rubbing ghee (gourd), it can be rubbed on the hands and feet. After an hour, wash your hands and feet and then apply petroleum jelly.

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