The egg is broken, but it is necessary to boil it and eat it. Learn how to boil a cracked egg in a way that will not crack the egg, video

Nowadays, eggs have become so expensive that even for breakfast, one is afraid to eat them, but since they are one of the basic needs, it is also necessary to eat them. By the way, everyone boils eggs at home, but when this egg is broken or slightly scratched, it cracks while boiling, then it has to be fried and eaten. If you are also fond of eating boiled eggs, then from now you also know how to boil these broken eggs to save your money and eggs.




First of all, heat the water slightly, add an egg in it and then add a spoonful of salt and 1 spoonful of vinegar and let it boil on a high flame.
This way your egg will not crack and it will boil easily.
Video is also available for your convenience.

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