The famous food delivery company Zomato has a different name.. This is the new name

Zomato | Zomato is funded by Ant Group Co., Temasek Holdings and Coleman Sachs Group.

Earlier we used to cook and eat our own food. After that we went to the shops and ate only some of our favorite foods. This custom gradually changed to the custom of ordering food and eating it. Ordering food is on the rise in India. From middle class families to rich people have a habit of ordering food.

Mostly they use leading apps like Zomato for ordering. zomato retains its customers by offering a wide range of offers accordingly. Popular food delivery app Zomato has recently changed its company name.

So far it was operating under the name Somato Limited. However, it is now planning to change its name to Eternal Ltd after getting approval to acquire another delivery startup. So the company is appointing CEOs to lead its key business units.

Zomato is funded by Ant Group Co., Temasek Holdings and Coleman Sachs Group. After the deal, the grocery delivery startup, named Blinkit, said in a recent statement that it will hire chief executives for at least four units. The company also owns a major business called Hyperpure, which supplies restaurant supplies and kitchenware.

Deepinder Goyal, Co-Founder and CEO, Zomato said, “Our company is moving from being one CEO to having multiple CEOs for each business like Zomato, Blinkit, Hyperpure and Feeding India. So everyone will support each other and this team will work as a great team to build a big seamless organization. From today onwards, this huge company will be known as ‘Eternal’.

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