The world’s most complex overpass in China

The world’s most complex overpass in China

The Huangjuyuan Overpass located in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing is considered to be the most complex overpass in the world.

The salient feature of this overpass is its 20 ramps which are interconnected over five levels. It connects three important and major expressways.

When its photos first surfaced on the Internet a few years ago, it caused a mixture of surprise and concern, especially among motorists.

Most people wonder how drivers who don’t know much about the roads will navigate through so many ramps and lanes.

Even if you consider yourself an experienced driver, driving on the Huangjuyuan Overpass can be a bit difficult, at least for the first time.

Despite its designers claiming that it is simply difficult to see, the facts are the opposite, but the overpass is still known as the most complex overpass in the world.

A motorist said about the overpass, which was completed in 2017, because if you put your vehicle on the wrong ramp, then you have to go around the entire city.

Other drivers wonder if their GPS system can help if the five vertical levels are taken into account, depending on the position of the ramps. These are the questions that make it the most complicated overpass in the world.

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