These 5 face masks are enough to keep your skin glowing and healthy!

Skin Care Face Mask | There are a variety of face masks to clear acne, brighten the skin, treat oily and dry skin. Now let’s take a look at five of the best face masks out there.

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Taking care of your skin daily is essential to keep it safe and healthy. Face mask is the most important part of skin care. Various face masks can be used for skin care but choosing the best face mask according to your skin type is important. Depending on your skin type and your age, you can choose the right base mask for you.

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For example, young people tend to have more acne and less rough skin. At the same time, middle-aged people have softer skin. Also the nature of the skin varies with the seasons. In winters the skin is very dry and dehydrated. At the same time, excess oil from the face during rainy season will cause it to become greasy. So you have to use a suitable face mask to fix it. There are also a variety of face masks to clear acne, brighten skin, and treat oily and dry skin. Now let’s take a look at five of the best face masks out there.
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Cream Mask: Made with creams, these face masks are suitable for all skin types, from normal to dry skin. And these help the skin to absorb the necessary amount of moisture and water. This makes the skin soft. When using this cream mask, it is best to use a cream that has the right amount of oil and natural butter in it.

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Gel masks: These are soft, lightweight and highly hydrating. These gel masks are perfect for sensitive yet dry skin. It removes dryness and increases moisture in the skin. When choosing gel masks, it is best to use a gel made with cucumber, green tea and mint.
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Clay mask: This type of mask is very oily and suitable for acne-prone skin. Using this clay mask balances the level of oil viscosity in the skin and controls the amount of oil secretion. It also protects against dust, external pollutants and dark spots on the face. A base mask oil with lactic and citric acid is great for oily skin.

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Peel-off mask: These peel-off face masks are useful for an instant skin glow. These instantly remove dead skin cells, dust, blackheads, pollutants and oil viscosity from the top layer of the skin. Often made from naturally occurring fruits or plants. Apply once on the face and wait until it dries. It can be easily peeled off after drying completely. No need to wash your face after doing so. If left as it is, the face will be shiny.

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A base mask can also be made using glycolic acid, lactic acid and enzyme-rich fruits like papaya and annachi fruit. Applying these on the face makes the skin glow. A base mask made using ordinary charcoal is used on the face to prevent acne and prevent breakouts.

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