Tomatoes will now make up for vitamin C deficiency

Image courtesy of Nature Web

Vegetable tomatoes, which are rich in vitamin C, will now be able to help make up for vitamin D deficiency.

A new study published in the scientific journal Nature Plants claims that instead of using fish and dairy products to make up for vitamin D deficiency, tomatoes (plants, vegetables) also make up for vitamin D deficiency. Will be able to go

According to researchers, the tomato, discovered with a new technology (gene editing technology, ‘Crisper’), has been dubbed ‘super tomatoes’, which contain more calcium (vitamin D) than two eggs or 28 grams of fish (tuna). Is found.

The use of these tomatoes will not only help in strengthening the bones but will also reduce many other diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and dementia.

According to researchers, the genes of these tomatoes have been mutated into ‘Pro-Vitamin D3’ cholesterol which is converted into Vitamin D with the help of sunlight.

The professors who took part in the study said that vitamin D supplements are widely used in many countries, but now eating tomatoes would be better than taking vitamin D pills.

The research further states that if this genetic mutation of tomatoes is adopted by commercial farmers, then these ‘super tomatoes’ could be extremely helpful in alleviating vitamin D deficiency in 1 billion people worldwide.

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