Tour of Europe on a home-made plane with Indian pilot’s family

While the world was struggling with Covid-19 and almost all sectors were severely affected by it, due to the lockdown, people were also forced to work from home, so an Indian engineer achieved a feat.

This Indian citizen living in the United Kingdom made a small plane by himself sitting at home.

This person named Ashok Alisiral Thamarakshan took full advantage of the lockdown imposed due to the corona virus.

After 18 months of hard work, he finally produced a four-seater aircraft.

The man named the Sling TSI model plane “Ji-Diya” which is also the name of his younger daughter.

According to the report of the foreign media, the Indian citizen along with his family traveled around Europe in this plane made by his own hands.

Ashok also holds a pilot’s license, having visited Germany, Australia and the Czech Republic in Europe.

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