Treatment of depression in turmeric

Treatment of depression in turmeric

Used in every home kitchen and especially in Asian cuisine, turmeric has many medicinal properties.

Turmeric has been used as a food and medicine since ancient times, which has numerous medical effects on health. Turmeric is also recommended by experts due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. .

Turmeric is a popular antibacterial used in Asian households as a spice or antiseptic, it is rich in various properties in nature and can be used for a variety of other things.

Health experts have always recommended turmeric for both physical and psychological uses.

How does turmeric help to improve mood?
Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric, helps reduce inflammation, a physiological process that increases depression, and the bright color of turmeric also has anti-depressant properties.

These properties of turmeric have attracted the attention of various scientists who are deeply studying its use to improve mental health.

Managing depression is a very complex process and requires a multi-pronged approach, with talk and therapy sometimes becoming an important component of treatment, so curcumin is a key component. However, various studies are underway to include it in drugs for the treatment of depression.

Side Effects of Turmeric:
According to many scientists, there are various safety concerns regarding overdosing of turmeric to treat depression and anxiety, although it is useful as a spice, but if used in large doses for medicine, it can cause constipation. It can cause discoloration, headaches, and even diarrhea.

Other health benefits of turmeric:
Aids in cleansing the body and liver:
Turmeric is used in most body detox programs, it can affect the liver, which is the main organ that needs to be cleansed, studies show that fermented turmeric powder improves liver function. .

Aids in weight loss:
Turmeric can really help in weight loss, due to its natural properties it reduces the excess fat in our body which helps us lose weight and also burns calories.

Eliminates Dandruff from the Scalp:
Mix turmeric with olive oil and massage it into the roots of the hair, wash the hair after an hour, it will stop hair fall, hair will grow faster, hair will be soft and shiny. You will also be saved.

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