Twitter update: Now pictures and videos will be posted in one tweet

Twitter update:
Testing new feature that lets users post images, videos and GIFs together in one multimedia tweet

Twitter Update: All social media apps are constantly improving their features. Almost every day some new features are coming in these apps to keep the users more attracted. Twitter is not far behind.

Recently they announced that they are testing a new feature that will allow users to post images, videos and GIFs together in one multimedia tweet. The company has clarified that this feature is currently being tested. According to a report, accounts can be tagged for both images and videos in tweets. Currently some users are getting this benefit but it is for a limited time only.

The report quoted Twitter as saying, ‘We are testing a new feature on some accounts for a limited time. In this feature, users can easily mix four different media in a single tweet.

Earlier some users tweeted about this feature. However, it is not yet clear exactly how different media will be involved in a single tweet.

“We see that people want and are having more visual conversations on Twitter,” the company claims. Thinking about using images, GIFs and videos to make these conversations more interesting.’

Through this experiment, they want to understand how users express themselves more creatively on Twitter by combining different media formats instead of 280 characters.

Recently, Twitter said they are also testing a new ‘status feature’. This allows the user to tag any post with a pre-defined ‘label’. As previously available LiveJournal or MySpace. Similarly, ‘Spoiler alert’, ‘Shower thoughts’, ‘Picture of the day’ or ‘Current status’ can be found this time.

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