Uber’s New Policy: Uber’s great step in passenger comfort; If you cancel the trip, you do not have to pay

Uber’s new policy: From now on, Uber drivers will be able to see passengers’ drop locations in advance.

Uber’s New Policy: Whenever someone books an Uber cab, the driver of that cab wants to know the drop down location of the passenger. This is because the driver does not see the drop down location of the passenger. As a result, whenever someone tells the driver his drop location, if he refuses to go, the driver starts having various problems. The driver wasted no time in reaching the front of the passenger’s house. But, as a rule, that driver cannot cancel the passenger’s trip on his own. As a result, he wasted no time in pressuring the passenger to cancel the trip. After that if the trip is canceled the passenger has to pay cancellation fee.

But Uber has come up with a new way to relieve passengers from such problems. This will benefit both the passenger and the Uber driver. From now on, Uber drivers will be able to see passengers’ drop locations in advance. This will allow the driver to check the passenger’s drop location before accepting any ride. Uber recently said, “We understand the feelings of passengers. Because if an Uber driver asks where to go in case of need, it is normal to be annoyed. Passengers then have problems canceling the trip. So we have come up with a new way. It is already in the country.” It has been launched in 20 cities. It will be rolled out across the country in the coming days. This will benefit drivers and passengers. Several new steps have been taken for this. “

Let’s take a look at Uber’s new step –
1) Rent for fuel has been increased –
Uber’s rent has also been increased slightly to increase fuel prices. As a result, the income of Uber drivers will increase at least a little.

2) Long distance pickup –
Many times Uber drivers do not want to take more pickups. Uber has come up with new additional income for this type of problem. Uber drivers can earn more money for longer distance pick-ups. They will know how much money they can earn.

3) Payment mode –
Uber will inform drivers before the start of the trip that passengers want to pay online or in cash. This will facilitate them in taking payment. Uber has also introduced Daily Pay Process for the convenience of drivers. What they earn from Monday to Thursday will be paid the next day. In the same way, from Friday to Sunday, the income will be paid on Monday.

4) Improved service –
Uber is going to take different steps to provide better services. Emphasis is being laid on trip cancellation, AC operation, driver training etc.

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