Vivo’s new Series-T phones captivate us with its dynamic jet-engine like powerful interiors and camera design.!

Vivo's new Series-T phones
Vivo Series T

vivo’s Series-T phones | Completing the T1 Pro is the T1 44W that comes with it. It is highly pocket-friendly in terms of focus on quality and user experience.

The Vivo T1 Pro 5G is truly a solid phone with a superb 5G processor, high-speed 66W charger, stunning AMOLED display, attractive speakers and a 64 MP AI triple camera lineup.

In addition, the back panel has a shimmering AG texture, jet engines’ intake-shaped rear camera line, and a super-strong nano-coating designed to give the phone a premium feel, making it the most special smartphone you’ll ever see.

Completing the T1 Pro is the T1 44W that comes with it. It is highly pocket-friendly in terms of quality and user experience, and as the name implies, it comes with a 44 W flash charging unit. Its design is simple, elegant to look at and convenient to use.

The compatible Power

T1 Pro is powered by Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 778G SoC, an oct-core operating system built into the 6 nm production process with 2.4 GHz clock speed. It features an x53 5G modem, a powerful AI chip in the form of a hexagon 770, and a gaming optimized GPU. Both up to 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of high-speed storage are capabilities that support this chip.

The T1 44W also chooses the more powerful Snapdragon 680 – another 6 nm processor with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB.

Extended RAM 2.0 allows both phones to use an additional 4 GB of memory from that internal storage, which can be upgraded to 1 TB via microSD cards.

As for Vivo, they use the ‘flagship-level’ 8-layer cooling system on the T1 Pro. It has a 2,097 Sq mm cooling chamber with a cooling area of ​​32,923 Sq mm. For gamers, this provides a hassle-free experience with more support systems. In fact, for gamers vivo additionally goes one step further and uses a powerful, calibrated Z-Axis linear motor, using a much deeper and more responsive vibration feedback.

The SD680 of the T1 44W delivers 20% more single-core performance and 10% more GPU performance than its predecessors, pumping up a good deal of performance.

Worried about battery life? What then?
Interestingly, both the phones come with powerful flash charging units. The T1 Pro comes with a 66 W unit, which charges your phone 50% in 18 minutes, and the T1 44W comes with a 44 W unit.

The former offers a slightly smaller 4,700 mAh battery and the latter a larger 5,000 mAh battery.

This power is carefully injected into the batteries by the industry-leading charging pump and FFC technology to ensure safety and charging speed.

Audio-visual feature
The T1 Pro 5G has a larger speaker at 0.9 cc sound cavity, resulting in improved bass and more overall details. A balanced power amplifier manages the power efficiently and delivers 71 dB of sound from the drivers. The phone also receives Hi-Res audio certification for wired and wireless playback.

The T1 44W receives the same Hi-Res audio certification and supports audio super resolution.

Both phones have beautiful FHD + AMOLED displays with approximate Infinite Contrast ratio and Razor Sharp FHD + AMOLED displays. However, the T1 Pro gets a 90 Hz refresh rate and 1,300 nits peak brightness for an enhanced HDR experience. Both phones support a wider DCI-P3 camera to provide better, more colorful photos and videos.

Cameras complete the set of features that Vlog Pro
already impresses with. The T1 Pro has a 64 MP F1.79 unit AI triple camera line, which captures high light and gives a very natural look.

It is equipped with an 8 MP 117 ரா ultra-wide angle camera and a macro camera focusing up to 4 cm.

Even more special is the fact that the camera can record 4K video from the rear camera while simultaneously capturing your actions with the front camera for a picture-in-picture video effect.

The T1 44W offers a 50 MP main camera paired with a 2 MP bokeh camera and a 2 MP macro camera. The 16 MP camera on the front captures great selfies and ‘enhances your natural beauty’ with AI algorithms.

You get Stabilized HD Video Capture and Double Exposure Mode for stills capturing images from front and rear cameras!

Super Night Mode, City Night Filters and many more AI features for combining dinosaur and multi-frame on both the phones help to capture the best photos in any light.

Clearly, both of these are impressive phones with their unique features and excellent cameras, powerful interiors and sleek design.

The vivo T1 Pro 5G goes on sale on May 7 at 12 midnight with a starting price of Rs . 23,999 . The accompanying T1 44W went on sale a day later on the afternoon of May 8 with a starting price of Rs 14,999 .

Keep in mind that ICICI, SBI, IDFC First Bank and OneCard users are eligible for additional benefits of up to Rs 2,500 and Rs 1,500 when purchasing T1 Pro 5G and T1 44W phones respectively.

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