Want glowing, glowing, vibrant skin? Don’t make these mistakes in the new year

Skin care can go wrong. It is better not to make all those mistakes from now on. At least the New Year’s vows can be remembered once!


as imposed a soft layer on this body with eight holes and nine doors. Bones, marrow, and fat are under pressure in that lining. The value of that layer is more outwardly, as much as the shine is in that skin.

However, the scars of time fall more on this skin. That is why skin care has been practiced since ancient times. The nature of the skin changes with the change of season. Again with age he changes his appearance. So regular skin care is necessary. Otherwise, premature aging can lead to dull and dry skin.

Skin care can go wrong. It is better not to make all those mistakes from now on. At least one can remember all that in New Year’s resolutions—

Additional face wash—

No matter how much oil you use, remember that the oil that is naturally produced in the mouth is important. You should wash your face twice a day. If you wash your face more than that or use extra soap, the damage is more.

Ignoring throat, neck—

Usually we are more concerned about the face. Everything that cares about him. However, the neck, neck, and shoulders are completely bare, which is not good at all.

Using products with SPF—

Most make-up or beauty products these days mention SPF. Many of us feel safe wearing them. Don’t think of applying sunscreen separately. This is not a good practice at all.

Additional Care—

Using too much serum can damage the skin. Pigmentation may also occur.


When a small pimple appears on the face, many people have a tendency to squeeze it out from both sides. Many people like to pick at acne pimples as a pastime. But as it can cause spots on the face, the infection can also increase.

Colorful make-up—

Excessive use of cosmetics with high pigmentation is harmful. For example, blue or green eyeshadows, colored mascaras and kajals are difficult to remove. As a result, on the one hand they can damage the skin by sitting on the skin, and on the other hand, excessive squeezing can also cause damage.

Unhealthy eating

A change in diet is required for healthy and glowing skin. Foods and drinks that adversely affect the body’s hormones should be stopped. Sugar, cocoa and spicy foods should be eaten less. Because it can increase diseases like acne, rosacea and allergies. Colorful fruits and vegetables contain minerals, antioxidants, vitamins that will moisturize the skin from within. It will be soft and beautiful.

wake up at night

Partying late into the night or staying awake night after night with a laptop or mobile open is just as bad for the body as it is for the skin. Adequate sleep produces collagen, the protein that keeps skin healthy and prevents wrinkles. Also regulates the stress hormone cortisol. For glowing beautiful skin, 7-9 hours of sleep is required every night.

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