Want to make your home smell amazing, forget about air fresheners and try 8 great home remedies

Want to make your home smell amazing, forget about air fresheners and try 8 great home remedies

In every house, the broom is cleaned every day, the broom is also wiped, if there is a feast in the house, a little more effort is made to make the house shine. And there is no shame in front of the guests. Often in the summer or in the rainy season, a strange smell settles in the house. I smell like Selene. People often use expensive air fresheners to eliminate these various scents or smells so that there is no embarrassment if a guest suddenly arrives. But today we are going to tell you some tips that you can use to make your home smell easy and cheap. And it will take four moons to clean the house.

1. Lemon Peels:
Cane, malt or lemon peels are natural air fresheners. You must have noticed what a beautiful aroma permeates the whole room whenever the canoe etc. is peeled. The same is true of lemon that its fragrance refreshes you. When it is the season of kino and malte, take its barks and keep them aside. Whenever there is a feast in the house or guests come, burn these barks on the stove and its enticing aroma will spread throughout the house. Same can be done with lemon peels. Freshness will come in the house.
2. Fridge smell:
The smell of the fridge is very unpleasant. The aroma of different kinds of food and different fruits mixed in it creates a strange smell which is felt in everything in the fridge. A very simple solution for this is to put a piece of coal in the fridge, or put baking soda in a bowl and all the smell will disappear.

3. Microwave oven smell:
Different foods are heated in the microwave oven, it also produces a strange smell that hits the nose as soon as the oven is opened and creates an unpleasant feeling. Lemon is the best solution for this. Squeeze a lemon in a bowl of water and add the peels to it. Now put it in the oven and run the oven for 3 to 4 minutes. Now take out this bowl and clean inside the oven with a paper towel or a soft cloth and the oven will be completely clean. Also, if needed, soak a cloth in the same lemon water and squeeze it and then clean it and the oven will look brand new. And it will smell like lemon.

4 Make Air Freshener at Home:
Good air fresheners in the market are very expensive, and the chemicals in them can be inhaled into your lungs and cause damage. Therefore, make an air freshener at home that is also free of chemicals and will also create a long-lasting fragrance. Add distilled water to a spray bottle along with a few drops of any of your favorite essential oils and peppermint leaves, shake well and scent your home with this natural spray.

5. Carpet Odor Removal:
In a vessel add 200 ml of hydrogen oxide (easily available at any chemist or medical store), one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of vinegar and mix well. Now put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet. Vacuum when dry, the carpet will be perfectly clean and free of all odors and will leave you feeling refreshed.

6. Odor of mattresses, beds:
Often our bed mattresses get smelly even if they are old and if there are children in the house and they urinate etc., the smell settles in the room even after cleaning. In such cases, there is an easy solution, sprinkle baking soda on mattresses or mattresses. Also add a few drops of a good essential oil. After half an hour or an hour, vacuum it and the mattress will be smelly and clean.

7. Closet smell:
Often, even in the clothes closet, the washed clothes start smelling strangely like surf and soap, so there is a very simple solution for this. Place your empty bottles of perfume or body spray between the clothes and open the closet. will do

8. Keep nice plants at home:
Plants play a very important role in making the home environment fresh. Keep plants in the house that create a sense of freshness. If you can keep some fragrant plants or flowering plants, then keep them.

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