Want to share many photos at once on Instagram? Use this special feature

Users can use Instagram’s layout option to share multiple photos at once.

Currently Instagram is a very popular app. Many people share their photos and videos using this app. But many people try to create collages while sharing many photos at once. Few users know that Instagram has a feature where multiple photos can be shared simultaneously. No need to make a separate collage for this.

Users can use Instagram’s layout option to share multiple photos at once. Users can use new photos and any photo from gallery in this case. Users can also use layout options while creating Instagram stories.

Also layout app can be used. Instagram has a feature just to find your own photos. That feature of Instagram is the Fresh option. Through this, users can only choose their own photos.

Here users can easily edit their photos. They can zoom or adjust the photo to any shape they like. After that, users can make the layout of that picture. You can also rotate your photos here.

If users want to combine their photos on Instagram, that too can be done in a few simple steps. To use Instagram’s layout feature, you first need to open an Instagram account.

Then click on the Create New option at the top. After that, users have to click on the story option at the bottom.

Then click on the layout option on the left side.
Then choose your photo from the camera option at the bottom. Here you have to click on the left to select the photo in the gallery.

Then you can change your photo layout by clicking on the grid option.

Then come down and click. Now the user stories will appear in the list below. In this way, Instagram users can select multiple photos of themselves and share them together.

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