Weight Loss Hack: Mix lemon in a cup of coffee! Just obey ‘this’ rule! Superfast speed will reduce weight!

Weight Loss Hack: A weight loss hack has been very popular on social media for several months. Already, these special tips to lose weight easily overnight have gone viral everywhere.

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Many people are struggling to lose weight. Some are eating and some are running in the gym. But what are all the tips? Now a weight loss hack has been very popular on social media for months. Already these special tips to lose weight easily overnight have gone viral everywhere.

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What are these tips? Here is such an easy weight loss formula that people are taking it very well. They claim that they are also working.
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This coffee hack involves mixing coffee with lemon. Dancing in this will instantly reduce weight, especially belly fat. It is also very easy to make. Anyone can do this while sleeping. This magic drink can even be used in the office. It will not have any side effects and you will get the results in a few days.
Many people already know about this coffee and lemon. But you need to know how much to eat and how to eat. Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health researchers reported in a study that coffee helps increase metabolism. It also increases your body’s ability to burn calories.
On the other hand, The Journal of Nutrition found that those who consumed 2-3 cups of coffee daily had 2.8 percent less body and abdominal fat than those who did not drink coffee. Even commercially available fat burners contain high levels of caffeine.
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Not only that, lemon water is a very important source of vitamin C. Drinking lemon water daily also has multiple benefits. Antioxidants in lemons boost immunity. Another great benefit of lemon is that it helps digestion and prevents kidney stones. The micronutrient polyphenols in lemons prevent fat accumulation in the body. A study in Japan has shown that lemon keeps the body’s insulin and glucose levels in check and prevents obesity.
Put 1 spoon of coffee powder in a mug. Now add 1 tablespoon lemon juice to it. Now fill the mug with hot water. Stir well. Then your Coffee Lemon Wettles Drink will be ready.

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The question is when to drink this special drink? Will the benefits double when played at any time? According to experts, drink this drink in the morning on an empty stomach. And have breakfast 40 minutes after eating.

How many times a day can eat? You can eat 3 times a day, it is desirable not to eat more than that. And if you feel heartburn after eating it, then eat a date without taking it on an empty stomach. And after 10 minutes drink coffee lemon water. But even then, if there is a problem, stop eating.
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Disclaimer: The above weight loss drink is based on conventional knowledge and information. News 18 Bangla has no responsibility with it. Consult a doctor before use.

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