Weight Loss: Top 5 Effective Ways to Use Anise Seeds in Your Weight Loss Journey

Fennel seeds benefits for weight loss journey: Fennel is often used in cooking due to its aromatic nature and refreshing taste. Also used to make chutneys and pickles.

Weight Loss: Anise seedsFennel seeds are one of the most common ingredients in any Indian household. Due to its aromatic nature and refreshing taste, it is often used in cooking. It is also used in making chutneys and pickles. Apart from this, after mealsAs a mouth freshener(Mouth freshener) also works best as most people like to chew it after lunch or dinner. Apart from the wonderful taste of anise, there are many other benefits of consuming it. According to experts, anise seeds are one of the superfoods that are rich in antioxidants. Thus strengthening immunity power, improving digestion and helping in weight loss.

However, if you’re looking to lose some weight by reaping the benefits of fennel seeds ..and don’t want to include them in a heavy meal, chewing isn’t the only way you can eat them. There are plenty of other convenient ways you can add fennel seeds to your diet. Let’s find out.


Consuming fennel seeds with your morning tea is very convenient and an effective way to lose weight. Adding a tablespoon of fennel seeds to tea infuses it with refreshing flavors while keeping the calories on the low side.


Since not everyone likes to eat fennel in their regular meals, grinding some fennel seeds to make a powder can also be used. Once you make the powder, you can easily add it to any recipe you want. It helps you maintain a healthy digestive system which is crucial for weight loss.

Refreshing drink..

If you want to add fennel seeds to your diet this summer and don’t want to sip a cup of hot fennel tea, there is an alternative. Soak one cup of anise seeds in water overnight and take it in the morning. This water absorbs many flavors along with nutrients that you can easily drink.


For those who like to chew, fennel seeds can be used as a topping on your weight-loss oats, roast chicken, etc. It not only improves the taste of your boring diet but also makes it full of nutrients.


Protein is an important nutrient in any weight loss journey, but consuming loads of protein from foods like eggs, dry fruit, and supplements can cause bloating. Anise seeds can be used effectively to combat this problem. Prepare a snack bar at home with some dry fruits like almonds and peanuts and add some fennel seeds to it.

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