What 5 tests should a couple do before marriage to avoid complications after marriage?

Marriage is a relationship in which two people live together for life. In Islam, husband and wife are called each other’s clothes. Clothing covers the body, hides all the strengths and weaknesses of the body, in the same way husbands and wives cover each other’s strengths and weaknesses and present their contented and happy face to the world. But sometimes it happens that parents marry their children with great desire but after a while it is time for separation or divorce. Why this happens, it happens because after marriage it is found out that the boy or girl had some medical problems. Due to which it became difficult to live together. Or some couples are deprived of the blessing of children. There are different reasons for this, so it is better for the boy and the girl to get their check-up done before marriage and if the doctor tells them to do some tests, so that they can avoid later problems.

Which tests should be done?
Doctors say that both men and women should be tested before marriage.
in this. Thalassemia tests, fertility tests, hormone tests, women should have an ultrasound of the pelvis to determine the position of the uterus inside, plus a test for sexually transmitted diseases. God willing, neither of them has any disease which is dangerous for each other. Besides, get tested for HIV / AIDS, make sure to know the blood group because if the blood group does not match, then Problems can arise in me. And there is a risk of further miscarriage. This is because if blood groups do not usually match then there is a risk of miscarriage or abnormality of the baby. Therefore, it is better to do these tests and avoid future complications. In addition, men have a semen sperm test or a semen analysis test to determine if they can have children.

If all these tests are done before marriage then future bad mood and anxiety can be avoided. Some of these are for women and some for men. There should be no hesitation in getting them done, minds should be wide open with time, they should move forward understanding the requirements of time.

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