What are labor pains? What is the difference between real labor pain and false pain, what are its symptoms?

Becoming a mother is a great happiness, but the pain that a woman has to go through in the process of becoming a mother is just a matter of being a mother. She is the only one who knows how many difficult and painful stages a woman goes through during the entire 9 months of pregnancy. Man suffers the same pain that woman suffers at this time. But when is the real labor pain or labor pains. What are its symptoms, what is the difference between it and false pains, we will briefly tell you here.

1. Labor pain can usually start at any time between 37 and 41 weeks. However, the correct time is after 40 weeks.

2. Symptoms include stagnation and gradual increase in severity.
3. This pain starts in the lower part of the body, and the tension starts to increase. Then this pain starts to move downwards, in the beginning it is tolerable and its duration is less and the interval between pains is more. Then gradually this interval decreases and the duration of pain increases.

4. False pains do not stretch and they are constant. And with a little rest, they are usually healed. However, the actual labor pains do not go away when they start.
5. Most women have some discharge before the onset of labor pains, sometimes with a reddish thick substance. But when the water bag that is around the uterus actually explodes, it is just water and it doesn’t stop.

Be sure to tell your doctor if you have any pain or discomfort since the beginning of pregnancy. So that if there is any complication, it can be caught in the beginning.

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